A mashed up, twisted cocktail of fantasy and adventure - mixed in the underground

rave scene - with a slice of violence, a dash of comic reality

and served up in a



This is a fantasy adventure. A mad misadventure concerning London, London people, London clubs, London beats and London habits, all the crazy dealings in the most gloriously fucked up cosmopolitan city in the world, where ideals ride on the back of corruption and glamour sleeps side by side with trash. Placed right in the middle of this player’s world is young up and coming rave promoter Paul, and Paul has problems see.


For a start he’s been having the most weird, lifelike dreams that are freaking him out, all his friends keep telling him he’s lost the plot, that he’s taking too much acid. Paul doesn’t know about that, he just wants to get his new club night up and running – his first big chance of success in his short but illustrious rave promoting career. But then things get complicated when he acquires a bracelet. A bracelet that has the power to take him into another world


And so this is also a misadventure that concerns parallel worlds. Worlds that exist in other times and other spaces. Worlds on the outer edge of madness and rationality. Other realities. And of course no one believes Paul when he says he’s slipping in and out of this world. Paul has to steer through this other reality on his own.




The bracelet we find, if linked with an identical one, has the power to either save or destroy the world. The other one is out there and unfortunately belongs to a radical out of control TERRORIST hell bent on global destruction. And when the terrorist discovers the other bracelet in operation he turns his evil venomous sights onto the destruction of Paul. Paul’s drug fuelled mind keeps slipping in and out of reality or is it all actually happening? Either way he has more pressing matters than this real / unreal scenario. His reality lies in filling up one of London’s top venues in which he’s managed to blag a weekly Saturday night event. And then he has to raise the cash to fund this club night. Dealings that unfortunately involve running drugs and mixing with the feared, infamous underworld villain MACDADDY. Worse still, he’s gotten mistakenly involved with McDaddy’s girl, London fetish model SOPHIE. And now to top it all he’s got this crazy terrorist on his back, not to mention the Old Bill. With everything all mashed up going on around him he’s fighting for survival, his future and his sanity.


So sit back, as we take you through a broad spectrum of pumping DANCE tracks and cultures- Visualise and experience a new unknown dimension and follow Paul and his pill popping sidekick Sean on a banging trip that takes in Welsh mountain raves and Amsterdam High Life, Tibetan peaks and London Low life – A Hi-tech Hallucinatory ride through the Dark Side.





Script and story by: Phil Harris                 Copyright : Phil Harris 2010.


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