"The Life and Times of a Clipper"


- Series of short films


As we all know, holding on to a lighter before it runs out is virtually impossible… especially a Clipper!


How many interesting, dark, seedy or down right crazy people’s hands does it go through in its life from being bought off the shelf to when it runs out of gas?...


These stand-alone stories will depict the very different lives and personalities of the characters, however, all of their worlds intertwine just once by being in the same place at the same time to one of the other characters in the series in order to find, borrow or deliberately pocket the lighter.


This is a series of separate short stories, partly filmed in the perspective of the Clipper (shot from the P.O.V. of the lighter with a fish-eye lens - cutting with conventional shots and lenses) driven by either a narrative or music or both.


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A drum n’ bass fuelled adrenalin rush!!


A short story about Jack, a young up and coming drum n’ bass DJ with a wild imagination and a insatiable appetite for acid and ecstatsy – watch how one evening’s debauchary unravels into a fantastical and dangerous adventure.


This is a 12-15 minute short film driven by the drum n' bass sound tracks from a major label (tbc) with a story and narrative inbetween.


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A mashed up, twisted cocktail of fantasy and adventure - mixed in the London underground party scene – with a slice of violence a dash of comical reality – and served up in a MUSICAL EXPLOSION !!


The Real Thing, a feature written by Phil Harris, is a BASS drenched, fantasy fueled genre film depicting the lifestyle and culture in the underground rave scene in London and the U.K at the present moment but capturing the legendary 1990's era.. This left-field film is aimed to directly target the dance music scene and will be driven by the subculture’s music.


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