The Life and Times of a Clipper

-Part one-


"Jonny Boy"


This is a  tale about Jonny, a coke sniffing paranoid South London cab driver who violently accuses his best mate of having an affair with his                  missus...


Written by Phil Harris



-Part two-


"Hearing Voices"

(working title)


Stepping away from the beaten track, a group of friends etch out a new fate for themselves on a journey through voodoo...


Written by Bonnie Blue

-Part three-


"I Promise"


An exploration into urban unpleasantness...


Written by Crysi De Milo

-Part four-


"Burn In Hell"


A Catholic choir boy is sworn to secrecy when he discovers the priest of his church smoking crack !!


Written by Haydn West

-Part five-




A guy decides to end it all and his mother was chosen to pull the trigger...


Written by Mars Vertigo