Phil Harris – Director/Editor/Producer


Phil spent the 90’s promoting underground dance music events in London – starting with squat parties in abandoned buildings and working his way up to some of the most prolific venues at the time. With his own record shop, Internet radio station and record label Phil really was at the centre of the Dance movement and loved every minute of it. Using this rich background from the scene Phil writes, directs and produces music videos, bringing together his love for music and film. Since 2013 Phil has progressed to producing / editing feature films and is looking to direct his debut in the very near future.




Haydn West (Independent) – Director of Photography / Producer


Haydn has been head of a PR & Events company, Picture Editor of Metro Ireland, and a Documentarian. In each of these jobs, he demonstrated an innovative approach to seemingly insurmountable problems. To Haydn, no means maybe, and maybe means yes.





Kirstie Howell (Elephant Sounds) –Sound Designer


Kirstie specialises in sound design for film and video. She covers all aspects of sound from pre- to post-production, including location sound recording, mixing and editing for both fictional and non-fictional video. She has a very fine pair of ears.





Tom Undrell (Independent)


Thom Undrell is a multi-disciplinary artist from the south of England. He has been exploring the mediums of film, music and photography for the last 9 years. Here are some examples of his work.





Bonnie Blue (Independent) - Director / D.P. / Photographer / Writer / Editor


Starting her artistic ventures as a photographer, stories started to develop within her photographs. This led to several different series of works each telling fragmented stories without sound or movement. Not feeling fully satisfied with that she began to explore other mediums as well, like making music, but the one thing that connected all of these interests was her keen sense of storytelling. Swimming into the depths of these separate mediums, Bonnie finally landed up on the shores of filmmaking. With a sigh of relief, she finally found a home to utilise all of her interests, a place to suit one purpose and that is bringing the imagination to life. Collecting a wide mix of colour, sound, framing, and body movements; these are the threads Bonnie Blue uses to weave her stories.




Holly Stone (Independent) - 1st AD


Holly is a first assistant director with experience in corporate film, documentary, short films, web series' and feature films. She adores the buzz of running a set and working with talented independent film makers or production companies. Holly also enjoys attending film festivals, networking events and watching horror films. For someone so petite she sure packs a punch !!

Shattered Illusion Films is an independent film company

striving to push the boundaries of creativity...



Brighton based Shattered Illusion Films was founded by Phil Harris in 2010 working very closely with other independent film makers and companies. We collaborate with the very best talent in the area:

Tim Hall (Independent) - Gaffer


Drawing upon 10 years’ experience as an electrician Tim adds a unique level of electrical knowledge to the team as a Gaffer. A late starter to the film industry he has already had several roles in film production and is currently completing an access course to study film production at Bournemouth University in September 2014.

Matt Prior (Independent) - Camera operator / DOP


Matt is a freelance camera operator with extensive experience in corporate, event and music video production. Alongside this he also works as a camera assistant on short and feature length films. With a keen eye for detail, a love of psychological horror and a burning desire to work on a Bond film, Matt is working hard to establish himself as a professional DOP.